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 Circumferential groove milling tool path of CNC 
 The tool path program, converted to an additional four-axis (rotary) tool path processing procedure using four-axis CNC milling processing. If the additional fourth axis rotation around the X axis is the A axis toolpath conversion from 2D to the rotary axis tool path, just to coordinate all the y-axis corresponds to the depth of cut based on the envelope of the round-week conversion can be. The press of a knife-type algorithm will move the road back to the corner to convert the value of Yn A-Mill-module automatic programming [1] -. Chui Hua, when, according to Figure 3 - Figure 5 drawing 2D tank to replace rotation axis set as shown in Figure 6a diversion shuttle parts in the circumferential groove depth changes in structure, using the above approach is unrealistic, the free Mas-terCAM multi-axis rotation axis surface machining tool path to Choose a good processing surfaces and non-processed surface, the rotation axis in Figure 7 to set the parameters. There are two kinds of cutting can approach. 1) cutting the main axis of rotation, axial step hierarchical process. Usually set the rotation center of the calculation method, the cutting tool is always perpendicular to the surface, the axial rotation after cutting a circle for AX stepping distance, then spin Lei shuttle streaming in Figure 6 and four-axis tool path surface trough rotation axis in Figure 7 turn the cutting process parameter settings, the tool path shown in Figure 6b. 2) axial cut, and gradually changed by incremental △ A fourth axis of rotation, further axial cutting tool path shown in Figure 6c. 3 weeks to achieve the turning center of the trough turning milling centers although turning the main, but by the form of power driven cutter head to rotate the spindle, spindle C-axis rotation can be switched to the feed control mode, and turning center for milling. Turning center for the week of the trough axis milling N ~ JnT_ similar machine, the axis defined based on the difference, mainly in the generated NC program directly to the y-axis coordinate data into a C-axis, the x, Z's coordinate data exchange can be. Figure 8a shows the base parts, which can use a four-axis CNC milling, turning centers can also be processed. MasterCAM Lathe module in the next,herve leger skirts, can be used directly by the C-axis milling, 3D profile shape of the tool path defined, trough size fractionated through a rough finish to set to achieve. Similarly, according to the axis of rotation to start replacing sub-sub-set tool path, and select the start mode, the system will be the radius of the axis of rotation for the start of the 3D contours calculated y,vibram five fingers outlet, then type y Cn will be converted into a C-axis angle data, Figure 8b shows the tool path has been. b) Figure 8 is based on the 3D contour milling turning center slot knife Road 4 Conclusion For a 2D nature of the circumferential groove milling, the use of Mas-terCAM of the Mill or Lathe module module can be replaced by the axis of rotation axis set to obtain suitable CNC milling and turning center of the NC program, the NCI tool path in the middle of the data file is not converted x, y, Z coordinates to store the data, the nature of the knife the same route MiU or Lathe module to obtain data consistent with the NCI file , only in the NC program is generated models were obtained by four-axis milling and turning centers format output. As the Lathe tool path defined by the limitations of the module, it is recommended to start with the Mill module outline drawing of the 2D tool path for the trench to replace the definition of the axis of rotation, or drawn directly from the 3D outline of the shape by milling started, set to be graded axis of rotation to replace the groove milling tool path. 3D surface for the depth of change the nature of the circumferential groove,Salvatore Ferragamo outlet, the surface must be multi-axis machining with MasterCAM axis of rotation to define the tool path. As useful to the fourth axis or C-axis and relative coding Absolute coding for the difference between the control pulse count, different tools to control its angular position change pattern is different. For example, to process from +30. Go to a 30. Of a slot, if one uses Way to reach,tods shoes outlet, this time must be [References] [1] Yan strong. MasterCAM mold Collection [M]. Beijing: Metallurgical Industry Press, 2000. [2] Deng Yi. MasterCAM CNC machining technology [M]. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, 2004. Author: James West (1965), male, associate professor,herve leger sale, engaged in CNC machining technology in teaching and research. Received: June 12, 2007 Editor Zhou Shouqing 40 *, 
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