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Married men dream of eating sugar
sugar, to bring luck. Married women dream of eating sugar, will give birth to a beautiful child. Unmarried men dream of eating sugar, with a Yitaiwanfang and gentle girl partnering. The patient dreamed of eating sugar, president bedridden. dream manufacture of sugar, will do what is good work. dream of buying sugar, a good day coming. dream of doing sugar business, career or business subject to losses. dream to someone else sugar, friends will oppose their own. dreams are sugar will become famous, to cement it.

women dream of gem stones, is auspicious. men dream of gems, to by fate. men dream to buy precious stones, property will be bandits looted. a woman dreamed of wearing the jewelery, her parents to the wedding. gemstone jewelry thief robber dream would be jail.

dream of riches hidden treasure, are liable to misfortune. men dream of accumulation of treasure, will Tijihaohan. women dream of Tibetan jewelry, soon to give birth. unmarried women dream of possession of treasure, will marry a wealthy man. Merchant dream of hiding treasure, the business will be a loss. dream of his own treasure to someone else, can get rich.
dream quilt, bring luck. married men dream tuck, with the his wife separated. married woman tucked dream, life will be very happy. unmarried men dream tuck, beautiful with a beautiful girl became husband and wife. unmarried women dream tuck, will marry a physically strong research workers. lad dreamed tuck, will get along well with the lovers. businessmen dreamed tuck, big money to travel on the sea. The patient dreamed tuck, bedridden for long.
dream of the stylus, Wilson earthquake. dream fountain pen, the business will prosper. dream of slate pencil, will force poor to pay, the business closed down. unmarried men dream of the fountain pen, will marry a well-educated wife. dream with quill writing, to do a new business. unemployed dream of quill writing, and soon will be the clerk's office. dreamed of using the old pen, broken pen (or nib is old, breaking the pen) and write, the economy will suffer. dream of many a pen, will become head of a large organization. dream of doing business, the pen will be no hope for recovery of arrears recovery.

dream of wearing the dagger dagger, will the reputation of reputations. dream See officer with a knife and fighting against brain, and one was stabbed in the short term will be senior medals. dreamed lost dagger, which means the loss of help in times of crisis. dream gift dagger, will defeat the enemy, win.

dream doll doll, a good omen. married women dream of dolls will be a boy. girls dream dolls will be getting married. men dream of doll, his wife would give birth to girls.

dream to wear shirts shirt, which means good health. But the dream of wearing a wool shirt, health will deteriorate. dream of wearing a silk shirt, be invited to attend the wedding. girls dream of a silk shirt, and soon will receive the engagement message. young men dreamed of wearing a silk shirt,UGG boots clearance, will marry a daughter of the United States, such as Guan Yu. dreams do you tailor a new shirt, home to the wedding. dream of buying a new shirt, will suddenly go to long-distance travel. dream Sell shirt, it will not following the supper meal of the day. The patient dreamed of wearing a new shirt, the body will soon be recovered. dream gift shirt to someone else, there will be new friends. love the shirt man presented to the dream lover, will see her soon. dream of the shirt sent by others, means to get high honors. dreamed asked people to do a lot of shirts, his daughter will soon be married. dreamed worn shirt will penniless. dream of tearing his shirt. Hui neurological disorders.
tea tea
men dream, life will be happy, happy. a woman dreamed of tea, the husband will be more pampered. unmarried men dream of tea, the woman will marry a virtuous wife. unmarried woman dreams See tea, will marry a wealthy businessman. dreamed of tea men in love, love will be more profound. businessmen dreamed of a cup of tea, to ship abroad. the patient dreamed of a cup of tea, there will be guests door. woman dreamed her husband some tea, and soon to give birth. dream of tea, one of those days to come.
fans dream of a fan, get friends to help get out of trouble. dream of a woman in his hand, the fan, the business will prosper. dream to shake an enemy fan, he will succumb to their own. dreamed fan broken, will betray their own assistants.
dream of lying on the bunk beds, is painful and dangerous sign. dream see lying in bed awake, which means to be sick. dreamed stranger lying in bed, the couple will divorce. dream of lying on a dirty bed, indicating that their will be penniless, serious illness, and dream of sleeping in the spread a bed full of flowers will go the Western Paradise to death.
wheel track rutting
men dream, bring luck. rutting dream woman, the parents will call their own back home. businessmen dream of rutting, the business will be very prosperous . Agricultural Development dreamed rut, to a bumper harvest. tourists dream track, travel will be safe. the patient dreamed that rut, going very far to cure the city.
dream of a married man stabbed
See who tie the thorn, the business will be happy, happy. married women who dreamed of rolling the sting, will soon become pregnant. unmarried woman who dreamed of rolling a thorn, will marry a rich man. unmarried man who dreamed of thorn will marry the daughter of a mild. dreamed thorn pierced people would encounter difficulties. dream on the barbed Bajiao, the family will have many sad things. dream of thorns on his wife Bajiao, will his wife separated. dream of thorns on the enemy is Bajiao is Xiangzhao, the enemy can be defeated.

dream of wearing a silk shirt silk is Xiangzhao. But the dream of wearing a silk dress,cheap UGG boots, business will be a loss. dream of selling silk clothing, will do what is good work. dream to buy silk garments, children should be married. dreamed presented silk clothes to others, and soon there will be good news.
dream of going on a trip, but too much luggage, very inconvenient, life will encounter many difficult problems. dreamed tied luggage, suggesting to go to work abroad. dreamed when porters, day'll do constraints. woman dream to her husband carrying luggage, will be affected by illness. dream of checked baggage at the train station, the overhead will increase.

men dream of drilling machine drilling machine, it will cement it. but women dream of playing hole machine, will be affected by insults, by slander. businessmen dream of drilling machines, can make big money. Staff dream of drilling machines, will provide staff salary increases. unemployed dream of drilling machines, will soon find a job. dream See punch holes in paper or leather, prestige will be damaged. dreaming of a woman on paper or leather punch, soon separated from her husband. dream of drilling in metal, Hui imminent disaster. The patient dreamed metal punch, will the long-term bedridden. dreamed of doing the work of drilling will be hungry.
dream boat, the distance a light, life will be rich. dream of bright lights at home , there will be enormously wealthy man. dreamed dim light, to be sick. dreamed their own hands, carrying lights, all the sadness and pain will pass, and can turn in friends. dreamed off lights burning but repeated many times, loved ones will pass away. dream of many people with a lantern, will be known. and his wife separated for several days the man dreamed that the place looks very dazzling, can soon see his wife. dream suddenly dark out at first light, prosperity and decline accompanied by his life.
dream map, relatives and friends abroad to come back. dream to find the map. soon to go abroad. dream of making the map, can make a fortune. girls dream of making the map, is ominous Zhao, love will be affected by setbacks.
dream earrings, marriages and happiness. married woman dreamed wear gold earrings, would give birth to a beautiful boy. man wearing gold earrings dreamed would life stubborn ignorance Gulou. dreamed people wear copper earrings, income will be reduced sharply. man dreamed that he wear gold earrings, the wife will soon be pregnant.
dream aircraft, will be going on a trip, it is friends and relatives will see after a long fast. But dreamed to travel by air, to dream a relative or a close relative fall ill or die.

dream kite flying kites, reservation plan will come to nothing, by the business burned. Women dream of kites will be broken up, girls dream of flying a kite, a loved one, all is dandy.
piano, listen to other people dream of playing the piano family income will increase. married women dream of listening to piano music, you will and her husband live a happy life. unmarried men dream of listening to piano music, and the lovers separate ways soon. dream of playing the piano, family spending will increase. married women dream of playing the piano, an altercation with another woman . the piano suddenly bad dream, there will be bad news. dreamed debug piano, will cut off from friends. dream of buying the piano, the children should get married. dream of selling the piano, home to insolvency. someone is a gift to his piano, with close ties to dishonest friends.
dream drum drums, to attend the celebration ceremony, but the dream of playing, would encounter difficulties. girls dream of their own drum, will soon get married. married woman dream drum, will get pregnant and have children. someone is in their own home 0 drums, the family was to be blessed with children. officers dream of drums, will be promoted.

men dream of crutches crutches and hard . a woman dreamed of crutches, a thief or a robber would patronize a house. But the old dream of crutches, old age will live happy, comfortable and peaceful. the patient dreamed of crutches, the body can gradually recover. dreamed that the enemy crutches, will be dangerous. dreamed friends crutches, the critical moment will be the help of friends. dreamed hit with a cane, will notorious. dream of someone else playing with crutches myself, universally famous. dreamed cane presented to others, meant to make new friends. dreamed someone presented to his crutches, to be promoted.

dream of empty bottles, cans, will Yi Yi is not music. dream jar filled with water, life would be rich. dream filled with milk The jar will be in good health. dream of the pot with him for the medical, physical illness. dreamed iron pot, and every day to get it, only enough to make ends meet. dream of the new cans will be universally famous. dream of old and leaking tanks , source of income will reduce the family's expenses increased. dream jar head, had to struggle to survive. dream jar suddenly roll up, business will go bankrupt. dream of things loaded into the jar, the business will improve. dream of the jar give others will be deceived, or loss of part of the property.
dream of gold is gold
sign of failure. woman lost dream of gold, buy new jewelry. dreamed of gold was presented to their own, will suffer. < br> furniture furnishings furniture
dream, to bring luck. dream of non-display of furniture, subject to loss. dream of new furniture, will go to distant countries for business. dream of someone else's furniture auction,Bailey UGG boots, there is hate cash to sign. dreamed chaotic furniture, his wife to illness. woman's dream of selling home furnishings, the couple will love sub.
sharp sword sword
dream, encounter danger. woman dream sharp sword, a thief or a robber would patronize their own homes. dream of the sword into the sheath, if necessary, will be helped by others. dream sword hanging on the wall, life would be a happy, peaceful. dreamed that someone stabbed with a sword will be subject to attack. dreamed someone stabbed himself with a sword, all the gloom will be the last. dream of giving someone else the sword will cement it. soldiers dreamed that someone gave his sword, to get higher medals. businessmen dream of closing presented the sword to the others, would squeeze out competitors.
scissors, scissors is a good omen
dream, home, and all things will be tame. men dream of using scissors, with his wife separated. women dream of using scissors , frugal, and famous. dream of breaking the scissors, will reduce the life span. dream of others to use scissors, a good omen, tailor dream of using scissors, the work will be damaged.
married man dreams see the ring, will be love. married women dream of wearing a gold ring, would give birth to boys. unmarried men dreamed of wearing a gold ring, became husband and wife with their loved one. unmarried women dream of wearing a gold ring, with strangers at first sight. The man in love dream of wearing a gold ring, would see their lover. married man dreamed that his wife sent the ring to his wife will love myself. a woman dreamed that her husband presented the ring to yourself, life will be happy and rich. unmarried men dream lover to his ring, and soon to be getting married. man lost dream ring, couples take quarrel. woman lost dream ring, separated from her husband for long. dream with a gold ring,UGG boots cheap, a bad omen, will suffer. dream See buying rings, home to a wedding. men dream of selling gold rings, meant to visit abroad. businessmen dream of buying a gold ring business to make money. dream of wearing a silver ring, to be sick. dream of wearing a metal ring, will be home poor, such as washing.

men dream of mirror mirror will turn in friends to lie. man dreamed that his shadow reflected in the mirror would be good health, many happy returns. married woman dreamed appearance in the mirror would be more love her husband. girls dream of the shadow of the mirror, the husband can find agreeable. The patient dreamed by a mirror, the condition will worsen. barber dream of mirror, the business will profit. Married Women dream of mirror, the husband would fall in love with another woman. dream of mirror hand fall to the ground broken, and disaster to be imminent.
dream guitar, means getting love. But the dream of breaking guitar, will lose love. dream piano to guitar to sing will find a loving husband and satisfaction of a good wife.
hat hat
who used to dream of buying a hat, can be successful. but not used people who dream of a hat hat, which means unplanned life, love spending money. dreamed of wearing a broken hat will eat Shaochuan missing. women dream of wearing a hat, female guests want to come home.
dream man purse wallet to others, is auspicious. dreamed of a bulging wallet to his wife, the wife would give birth to boys. dreamed to enemy wallet, will surrender enemy. dream of stealing someone else's wallet will be respected by the people. dreamed I lost my wallet, and home to buy a house soon. dreamed grab someone else's wallet by force, it will cement it. dream of empty money box, will lose business, financial breaking were destroyed. Tiexia dream full of money, which means prosperity, goals and aspirations are be achieved. man dreamed bulging wallet, a success in every aspect. woman dreamed bulging wallet, will betray her husband. women dream of an empty purse, will be more loving husband. dream of an empty purse staff, salaries will be reduced. dream from others wallet full of money, friends treachery. a woman dreamed of taking someone else's wallet, the husband does not like her. girls get a lovers dream purse full of money, soon became partners. dream an empty wallet to their superiors, will be dismissed.
banner banner dream, there is good news. dreamed of flying the flag half load, subject to suffering. prisoners dream of a flag will soon be released. married woman dreams See flags, separated from her husband for long. girls dream of the flag, would marry a person of social impact. dreamed of yellow flags, the business boom. dreamed tricolor, is a sign of sorrow and misfortune. dream of half the flag , family harmony, mutual help. dreamed semaphore, cut off relations with old friends. dream to send a flag to others, will become slaves.
dream with scales, will be unfair to treat people. Married women dream see the scale, the husband will meet misfortune. unmarried women dream of scale, will abandon his lover. unmarried men dream of scale, would refuse to marry a beautiful young girl. dreamed of holding the balance Hui famous people. businessmen dream of using the scale will bear the losses caused by the opponents. dreamed of holding the enemy to suffer loss of balance.

dream rope rope longevity. women dream of the rope, it will never be separated from her husband. men dream of the preparation of a rope will be stingy of-pocket. women dream of the preparation of the rope will be behind bars. prisoners dream of the preparation of the rope will be taken care of by prison officials. peasants dream of the preparation of the rope, the occurrence of drought in food production. dreamed cord, going a long journey . dream of climbing ropes room, will be promoted.

dreamed accordion accordions, life would be peace and happiness. accordion idle dream, there will be bad news. dreamed of being dragged accordion, home to Ban Hunshi. pulled the accordion took bad dream, a happy life will be in trouble. dreamed of a woman on the accordion to leave their homes can get a legacy.
dream of handcuffs, business will succeed. handcuffed dream would famous. dreamed to open the handcuffs hands of others, will be severely punished. dreamed opened handcuffs hands of others, both fight will happen. dream to others handcuffs, they will become friends in adversity.
dream of killing people with a pistol, will lose love. businessmen dream of throwing away the pistol, the business will prosper. dreamed grab shells hit by hand, it is soon to be married, or attend the wedding of their loved ones. dream of buying a pistol, to promotion into the Jazz. dream of selling a pistol, will lose a lot of money. dreamed of doing trade with a pistol, state leaders will be discouraged, get honorary title . dream of grabbing someone else's gun, will encounter bandits. dream and filled to the pistol bullets, danger, sympathy will be friends. dream was a pistol, will all the high moral. dreamed pistol to others, causing large disaster. dream stolen pistol, daily income, only enough to make ends meet. dream gun is missing, energy and family with the life and death, weal or woe. dream of firing, there will be unfortunate. dreamed that he fire a gun, but soon pulled the trigger the barrel to burst, and means that in extraordinary times, friends and trust people will cheat themselves. someone is shot himself, but did not hurt, will be accused of a crime, but because of lack of evidence, will be release. woman dream gun, armed bandits robbed at home liable.

men dream of jewelry jewelry, huge increase in household consumption. dream of wearing jewelry, wife or couples will die. a woman dreamed of a or some jewelry, her husband will be rich. dream of wearing of gold jewelry, or nickel jewelry, her husband will be down and out or died. girls dream of wearing jewelry or nickel jewelry, her husband will be down and out or died. girls dream of wearing jewelry, will be married to the rich people. dreamed someone stole jewelry, dream of getting rich is difficult to achieve.
married man with a razor shave dream, can make big money. barber razor dream to use, the income will increase. businessmen dream of using the razor, and soon to go abroad, and all-around fortune. officials dream of using the razor, and soon to be promoted into the Jazz. dreamed of using the fault of the razor, the business will close down. dream of shaving, the razor pull broken skin, To win, you must make painstaking efforts. dream of buying a razor, implies a change of work. dream of selling razor, is an ill omen, and friends will abandon their own. dream of a disaster will fall upon the enemy holding the razor. dream of holding the enemy Razor Blade others, the reward will be friends.
iron iron
dream is ominous. dreams do iron business, can make a fortune. a woman dreamed of using iron cookware, the husband's income sharply reduced poverty . dreamed sent back rail, it will narrow escape. dream to work in the iron works, work will be difficult exertion.

dream of a ladder on the ladder, famous Four Seas. dream of falling from a ladder, will be discrimination and indecent assault. dream down the ladder, the economy will be damaged, discredited. students to dream down the ladder, will pass the exam. students dream down the ladder, the examination will be disqualified. students dream of falling down the ladder, it will list on the unknown. businessmen dream down the ladder, gain less. pregnant women dream down the ladder, to abortion. dreamed of the ladder lost, to beware of thieves.

married man dreams perfume smell perfume taste, income will increase. unmarried men and women dream of a perfume smell, due to no sweetheart, and had Xingyingxiangdiao. married woman to dream of perfume knowledge, will be more love her husband. dream perfume on clothes, flowers sales will substantially increase. dream to perfume shops, build friendships with the elite. dream of buying perfume, people will be like. dream perfume shop opened, not only his fortune, and friends will benefit from it. dream to perfume on someone else's clothes, to be improved. dream lover's clothes to perfume, to win her love.
dream of slippers, slippers men, to imminent disaster. women dream of slippers, with her husband separated. unmarried men dream of slippers, will yield results, and a happy life. unmarried women dream of slippers, will be married to a high moral character and deeply religious. dream of wearing silver slippers, would become famous for high office. dream of wearing gold slippers will be sick or damaged. dreaming of wearing new leather slippers, everything will be tame. dream of slippers broken warning to move. dream of buying slippers, and soon to build new houses. dreamed lost slippers will be deceived by the enemy , losses.
dream of wearing socks socks, omen to be sick. a woman dreamed of wearing socks, to get the love of her husband or lover. dream of buying socks, and soon going on a trip. dream of socks to someone else, can make new friends. dreams are a gift of socks would be worried about. businessmen dream of worn socks will be struck by. travelers dream of worn socks, travel will be pleasant and smooth. shop owners dream of worn socks, businesses can profit. dreamed socks lost property will eliminate the risk encountered.
men dream of playing tennis, will increase the overhead. married woman dreamed of playing tennis, themselves and their children's body will very healthy. unmarried women dream of playing tennis, will marry a man with his personality clashes. students dream of playing tennis, the examination will fail. businessmen dream of playing tennis, business can make money. dream of someone to play tennis, life be happy, happy. dream tennis match, will get people's love. students dream of tennis, a harbinger of his moral character.
dream woman in love to wear silver, husband rich. unmarried men dream necklace gifts received will be home to marry the daughter of well-off wife. dream of buying necklaces, home to a wedding. dream necklace lost, is writing on the wall, will embezzlement of public funds, suffered heavy losses. dream of making necklaces will be profitable business. dream to wear a gold necklace, there will be good news. dreamed his necklace broke, will hear bad news. dreamed iron necklace broke, good thing will come. dream of wearing iron necklace, to be sent to prison.

men dream of wearing shoes, new shoes, to bring luck. married women dream of wearing new shoes, the couple may love each other. unmarried women to wear new shoes to see will married to a generous, smart and capable man. unmarried men dreamed of wearing new shoes, and soon to be lovers of love. dream pair of shoes, and soon going on a trip, businessmen dream of shoes, the business will prosper. cobbler shoe repair dream will affect their future. dreamed of wearing shoes, bad days will come. dream shoe was lost, the disaster will doom. dream of stealing someone else's shoes, friends and his enemies. dreamed hit with a shoe, jobs would be improved. dream of sending shoes to others will be invited to attend the wedding.
someone smoking a pipe dream
fighting men, between the business profitable. dreamed of smoking a pipe will be able-bodied . pipe dream woman, her husband at home will reduce the population. prisoners smoke their dream, and soon to restore freedom. with a pipe dream to attend the General Assembly, will all the high moral. dreamed a mass meeting to let others smoke fighting, their own will be dismissed. dream pipe repair, or purchase a new pipe, soon to go to the wedding. pipe dream of war, pain in things that are one after another. unmarried women dream of pipes, and will lose opportunities. patients pipe dream, soon recover.
dream parasol parasol
a good omen. married man dreamed parasols, quiet family environment, a happy life. parasol married woman dreamed that she felt everything go your heart, no care . unmarried men and women dream of parasols, will find the ideal person. dream of playing in the hot sun parasol, which means news of success. dream of buying umbrellas will be invited to attend the wedding. dream of lost umbrellas, all aspects are a mess. dream from others There were umbrellas, means being able to overcome enemies. unmarried men dream of a parasol from the couple received, certainly became husband and wife with her.
dreamed found the key, happy thing after another. dream See the key is lost, it will read all destroyed million. dream of buying the key, to be damaged. dreaming of a woman to get her husband's keys will be free, her husband's money. dreamed of key breaks, the business will go bankrupt. dream where robbers found the key will be behind bars.

dream of clean clothes clothing is a good sign. dream of dirty clothes, to be sick. married woman dreamed of dirty clothes, the family will quarrel. woman dream Wash dirty clothes, life would be happy.
meat or meat meat
dream to get rich. dreamed cannibalism, can make big money, it will be a millionaire. dreamed meat, to be with her lover formed a harmonious union. dream of the butcher, the family life would be difficult. dream of boiled pork, business will improve. dream of rotting meat, is ill omen. dream of eating meat or Langrou Lions will insanity.
Acupuncture needles
dream is difficult and painful symptoms. woman dream sewing, life would be rich. men dream sewing will destitute. dreamed needle, will be dismissed. dream of being needle, be subject to surprise attack the enemy suffered heavy losses.
Pearl Pearl
dream to even bankruptcy. men dream of wearing a pearl necklace, his wife and daughter will suffer. Staff dream to buy pearls, will be improved. dream See donated enemy pearls, their yield to the enemy. dream pearl gift to friends, his reputation will earthquake. dream gift to his wife Pearl, two of the more profound love. woman presented to her husband dream of pearls, her husband due to the bankruptcy of its pains. but dream by Pearl, will be promoted. dream pearl strewn around the residence, the family strife occurs. dreamed of robbers, his pearl, will inherit a fortune.
paper White unmarried men dream, will marry a girl of high family pure wife. young girls dream of white, will marry a man of high moral character. dreamed of writing a word white paper, also bode well. Staff dream of manuscripts, will be awarded. unemployed dream of manuscripts, to get the job. dream of letterpress printing paper is an ill omen, will be lost. dream of black paper is an ill omen. married women dream of black paper, disease will frown on her husband . dream of red paper, there will be good news. highly placed people who dream of red paper, will receive the invitation of senior government officials. dream of green paper, himself or his family to get married. dream of stationery, it will turn in new friends . dreamed of writing the letter, dangerous moment of sympathy for their loved ones will be. dreamed of blotting paper, will make a fortune. dream of doing paper trading business will run deficits. dream of buying the paper, to start a new business. someone is to their letter, the business will close down.
wear diamonds diamond dream of his, love will get into trouble. unmarried women dream of wearing diamonds, would marry a bed of roses, rich man.
bath dream will become a skilled household chores. dream of bathing in the bathtub, to have been bad luck. married women dream of bathing in the bathtub, will soon be pregnant. unmarried women dream of bathing in the bathtub will be worried for the marriage. Patients dream of bathing in the tub, health will slowly recover. businessmen dream of bathing in the tub, the business will encounter difficulties. prisoners dream of bathing in the tub, and soon will be free. tourists dream of bathing in the tub, on the way accident occurs. dream to buy the tub, a dream of people to be sick.

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