Melody - Young Survivor Of Sto

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"I must be strong.13 - year-old melodies of life was turned upside down the day permitted Invest Ketsana [Ondo] claimed the lives of his mother and two sisters in the Philippines." The school needs a plan that my children somehow gave us good ideas about in motion and start normal life. I've been around the plate, I saw from our window, the river was crowded," said the melody. Br br melody swam hard, but several protocols to prevent her to the surface. "Jessie, 38, his wife and daughter lost dreams and can not return to work alone. Melody's brother, Bubo, 10, has already saved my uncle, but her mother Herve Leger Cap-Sleeve Bandage Crisanta, 34, and sister Carla, 7, and Cherry, 2, were all stuck on the roof." Br br One by one, the family tried to use a rope tied the coconut tree Herve Leger Scoop Neck to escape the security. She is holding a tree, but lost his grip and was taken away from the water. I am the oldest," she said. At that time I miraculously floating and the man saw me and saved me. "br br plan has provided medicines, food packaging, and education for school children as the melody and her siblings. Br br When washing clothes for the relocation site, where the melody, her father, Jessie and the other two siblings temporarily housed, recalled a young girl Tropical 26th September 2009. She said, "I almost lost hope." Br br tune to his father, Jessie, said, "My only son is always looking at the horizon 閳?顨?do not know what goes on in his mind and did not I ask because I myself haven 閳?妾?contact terms with what happened. Br br "I saw everyone, including our neighbors, and made a strong shock," said the melody. It is also crucial psychological and social support to help evacuees with temporary management of the Community. We swam and brought me to the building where my father found me on." Br br "Default mother and two sisters so much, "said the tune, fighting tears. From 9:00 our water submerged the Herve Leger Strapless Bandage second floor so we all climbed to the roof in order to save themselves. "I will miss her mother cared for us. Missing the laughter of my sisters. Br br For more information, visit plancanada. "Within minutes, the water in the first floor of our two-story house. Br br "We just finished our breakfast in the morning . about 8 hours. Herve Leger Single Strap Crisanta tied her youngest child of his waist and tried to get the tree after the collapsed roof of their house. br br in terms of melody, it is decided to go back to school when she doesn 閳?妾?know how and when, because the family does not have the necessary resources. For now, she Every day gets a bold attempt to front for his father and other members of the same. Br br " We'll be grateful that organizations like the plan were quick and generous with us, "said Jessie...

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